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Short movie

By November 30, 2016New projects

I am going to shoot a short movie called “Change” in January.
The short, written by Fraser Connell, is a black comedy more similar to a theatrical piece than a proper cinema script.
I’ll be directing and acting in it, so stay tunned! More news will be release soon.

Luca Calone

About Luca Calone

I started to become interested in images when I was a child. At just 15 I began writing my first tales and filming short movies with friends, using my dad’s old camera. At 17, I started studying acting in Varese in northern Italy, and at the same time I wrote my first film: Dirty Move. A pulp story. It was that I realized I wanted to devote my life telling stories through images. I worked for several years as an actor in theatre and independent cinema, then I tried to stay behind the camera as a director, making with an author and friend some independent products destined to the web under the independent label “laRamirez”. After having attended seminars of cinema, photography and video editing, in 2009 I opened with a business partner my own studio of multimedia, it was called OG Studio, and was based in Rome. The services we offered were varied, ranging from the creation of websites, business cards, flyers and letterheads, to photo shooting in studio or on location, shooting videos for events or advertising, video editing and animation logos. Moreover In 2012 we shot the pilot of a new TV series inspired by the Dirty Move written by me 10 years before. I was in charge of directing. We then presented our work to producers and television, both in Rome and in Moscow, where my partner had contact with an entrepreneur and film producer he knew years before. After seeing the episode, he immediately offered us a job: create the advertising campaign of a new drink he marketed: Gazirovka N° 1. Furthermore in the following months we travelled around the world, not only managing this advertising campaign but also working on various side projects, such as developing the projection system of a new luxury restaurant called Lodka in downtown Moscow, or a location scouting carried out by me in the south of France and in the Principality of Monaco for a movie that this producer will shoot during the next year. Once the work with the Russian entrepreneur had finished, we produced our last work marked OG Studio: the pilot of a new television format called Phobia, written, directed and edited by me. At the end of 2013 my partner and I decided to pursue different aims and we split up. I moved to the UK on April 2014.

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